Address: 4002 Bai Jia Road,Bai Jia Village,
Zhang Yan Town,Jin Shang District
Post code: 201514
Contact Person:
(Mr.james Jiang) james@jb-tech.com.cn;
(Mr.Max Xue)
(Mr turkey Xu) turkey@jb-tech.com.cn

As an international trading company,JB-Tech Tool Co. Ltd.is a professinal tools company. We focus our value on providing our customers with innovative products. We are steadfastly insisted on fostering a culture that encourages and rewards innovation.

We become more and more strong, and our products are selling well in 100 cities worldwide. In order to save costs and improve our efficiency, we have set up some joint ventures, including a packing factory to make JB-tech packages and a printing company to print color cards and color boxes. Furthermore, we also have two other companies, which are JB-Tech & Ruixin Hammer Co., Ltd. , producing hammers professinally, and Lide Tech Co. , Ltd. to produce barcode reading meters and multimeters.

If you are interested in and kind of our products, please contact us for more detailed information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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